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Helping Children Learn From Each Other: Enter, “Heutagogy”

How can we enable students to learn from each other while granting teachers autonomy in their classrooms? Heutagogy may be the answer to better foundational learning.

Using Data to Improve How Social-Emotional Learning Is Measured

As Sociol-Emotional Learning (SEL) programs move to the spotlight to combat the effects of the pandemic on children, there is growing interest and will among government stakeholders as well as teachers to bring SEL to classrooms in public schools. However, lack of data remains a challenge, which could easily translate insights for designing programs aimed at building SEL competencies among children.

Breaking the Cycle: Why Investing in Primary Education Could Solve India’s...

How can effective resource allocation towards primary education better learning outcomes and workforce readiness as a whole?

Given Only Two Non-Working Days to Reopen, New Delhi’s Government Schools...

Given only two non-working days to reopen, public schools in New Delhi are struggling to resume offline classes that meet health and safety requirements.