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Building India’s Sports Stack – a Systems Approach to Using Sport...

The Sports and Society Accelerator’s seven-layer ‘Sports Stack’ is a starting point to deliver on the social potential of sport and address issues of inclusion, empowerment and community.

What Happens to Olympians After the Olympics?

The monetary and in-kind rewards offered to the current set of Olympians must translate into supporting them towards 2024, along with creating a sustainable pool of talent for future editions of the Games.

Sports and Fitness Services in India Need to Account for the...

One of the many things that coronavirus-induced lockdowns have shown us is the value of personal health and fitness. To the privileged few who...

Whose Olympics is it Anyway? The Edokko Dilemma

What elements have complicated Tokyo’s ability to assure the world that the Olympics will be held amidst a pandemic?

How Can CSR Grant Agreements Be Redesigned to Not Stifle Non-profits?

The grant agreement reflects and amplifies the unequal power dynamic inherent to CSR, which manifests in the form of unfavourable conditions on the grantee.