Conservation and Development

Analyzing the ever-growing battle between environmental conservation and development goals.

In Southwest Delhi, Fields Have Been Underwater for the Last Two Decades

In Raota, a village in southwest Delhi, a blue wooden canoe floats. Four feet below the canoe is this year’s kharif paddy crop, now...

Behind the Trail of Chhattisgarh’s Coal Rush

Savitha Rath is telling me a story, as she stands at a T-junction which is one of the few places with good phone connectivity....

Creating Marine Scientists Out of Divers

Reeflog capitalises on India's growing diving industry and ocean conservation conscience to create citizen scientists out of divers.

Why and How Can We Amplify Traditional Knowledge? With Archana Soreng

Using traditional knowledge is a must if we are to make serious efforts at environmental conservation; indigenous citizens and communities often have insight and...

The Forest Rights Act (FRA) in Northeast India

Research & Scripted by Isha Malaviya Presented & Edited by Sumit Krishna  The 8 states that make up Northeast India are home to more than 200...

Delhi’s Master Plan Ignores the City’s Fishers, But This is Not a First

While Delhi's Master Plan 2041 proposes green belts and parks along the Yamuna, it excludes those dependent on its resources: like Delhi’s 2,500 fishers.

Construction Mud Puts Settlements on the Edge of Eviction in Yamuna Khadar

New Delhi's Central Vista Redevelopment Project puts Yamuna Khadar's settlements on the edge of eviction.

The Dibang Debacle: Hydropower and Altered Flow Regimes in the Dibang Basin

The latest addition to India’s list of hydropower projects is the controversial 3,097 MW Etalin Hydroelectric Project (HEP) in Arunachal Pradesh’s Dibang basin. Even...

2020: Like Never Before, a Year of Despair and Hope

2020 has seen an interregnum never before experienced by humanity—it has been a year in which despair and hope, and callousness and caring have...

Lessons from Another Disaster: Revisiting Kachchh Amidst COVID-19

As humanity struggles to stay standing after the knock-out punch delivered by COVID-19, it may be useful to look at how we survived previous...