“As the traffic light turns green, the car speeds off, leaving behind a little girl in a yellow dress selling storybooks on the street. I turn back and glimpse through the rear window. Her small figure grows smaller until I no longer see her. Did I render her invisible? Did I normalize her plight? What could I have done, anyway?”, asks Evita Rodrigues.

There are currently over 2 million children living on India’s bustling streets. Almost 80% of them have no formal identity, 70% are engaged in child labour and a little over 60% cannot read or write. How do we tackle this?

This week is special; from the 14th (India’s Children’s Day) to the 20th of November (Universal Children’s Day), The Bastion, in collaboration with Save the Children, will be shining the spotlight on children we see, but tend to turn a blind eye towards. Who are they? What kind of lives do they lead? How can we actualise their aspirations?

These are big questions that deserve thought on our part. So look out for our campaign in the coming week, and see how you can contribute! For more information on this issue, do go through the following link:


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