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Background Questionnaire in Large Scale Assessments Can Improve Students’ Academic Performance

How can background questionnaires improve students' academic performance and learning? These large-scale assessments can ensure equitable and quality education.

COVID-19 Vaccine | Students Pursuing Higher Education Outside India Have Been...

With an in-house population of 3.74 crore students, of which 50 lakh are PhD and Masters prospects, intergenerational learning losses, early marriage, mental health issues and a rise in unemployment loom large.

Awaiting the Board Exams: The Maharashtra Story

How has the COVID19 pandemic impacted students' preparations for their board exams? Were Maharashtra’s students, and the teachers and students who support them, confident about appearing for this year’s board exams at all?

Against the Grain: How Students Are Supporting India’s Farmers (in Crisis)

Written by Evita Rodrigues  “Young people, I think, are more responsive to issues of justice. When something is unfair, the whole unfairness of the situation...