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Where There is No Doctor

Health professionals who want to work in rural areas are handicapped by a chronic lack of information and an abundance of damning stereotypes about careers in rural India. Meanwhile, there is an acute shortage and growing need for healthcare professionals in rural areas. The diagnosis, according to the Rural Hospital Network, is a free-to-access website that aims to connect health professionals with hospitals in need.

Nowhere Close to Ideal: Scrutinising NEET

Co-authored by Shraddha Tripathi & P. Charith Reddy  A 2017 WHO report revealed that the current doctor-population ratio of India to be 0.62:1000 as against...

NEET Medical Exam: The Untidy Aftermath

The National Entrance cum Eligibility Test (NEET) was implemented in 2016 to be the sole medical exam for any medical college in the country....