Development and the Environment

A Little Less Climate Science, a Lot More Climate Communication

Reports on climate change are not easy to comprehend. This creates a communication gap between scientists and the masses, especially those directly impacted by climate change.

At the Heart of Mizoram-Assam Border Clashes, a Reserved Forest

The Inner Line Reserve Forest, the events that led to the forest's demarcation, and the colonial history of resource extraction in Northeast India lie at the heart of border clashes between Mizoram and Assam.

Ecosystems As Public Health Services In India

Access to ecosystem services is important for communities that lack access to quality healthcare, because they serve as basic and free healthcare systems.

Why Gujarat’s Women Are Yet to Accrue the Wealth of the Forest Land They...

The earnings from the land Dangi women own do not reach them: these benefits are monopolised by the men in their families.

How Displacement by Dams Changed the Lives of Gujarat’s Women

One factor binds all the families displaced by dam building in Gujarat: the women experienced the resettlement differently from men.

How CRZ Violations Are Being Regularized Instead of Regulated Across India’s Shoreline

A combination of judicial and civic action is attempting to protect India's coasts from its own regulators.

In Pedestrian-Heavy Patna, Crores are Being Invested in Road and Metro Projects Instead

There has been a phenomenal growth in the number of metro rail projects across Indian cities in the last decade, despite hard evidence that...

Jal-Jangal-Jameen ke Geet: An Earful of Environmental Protest Music in India

What makes India's environmental protests songs so unique and remarkable that they are still in use decades after they were first sung?
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Introduction to Environment Law: Module 3

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Introduction to Environment Law: Module 2

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