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Silencing Talkies – India’s Politicised Film Censorship

Co-created by Ashni Acharya and Kartik Sundar In the face of a rapidly expanding call for swaraj during the 1900s, the British Raj heavily censored...
Williams Serena Tennis

Catch 22: Serena Williams’ “Open” Dilemma

Written by Aarathi Ganesan Tennis, a white gentleman’s game for centuries, was revolutionized from the late 1990s by an innocuous debutant, Serena Williams. She entered...

Too Good to be True? Exploring India’s Refreshed Relations with Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s tryst with destiny began in 1948. The island nation, separated from India by the Palk Strait and Gulf of Mannar, has since...
Juvenile India

Life in Juvie: Losing Out on Second Chances

Written by Tanvi MehtaAccording to the Juvenile Justice Act of 2000, children who commit or are suspected of committing crimes, and are under the...
Uganda Parliament

Uganda’s Economic Quest: Unravelling the Excise Duty (Amendment) Bill 2018

Written by Philip DeweyiUganda's leaders are failing their country. This failure is caused by a cavalier government attitude about the needs of its citizens...

What’s In a Name? Understanding the Definition of a Sport

Written by Ishaan BanerjiAs an Ultimate Frisbee player, I’ve often been told that I’m not playing a real sport. I’d never given these comments...
Football VAR

VAR: Does the Scoreline Reflect the Game?

Written by Govind Narayan The approval and subsequent utilisation of the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) in the 2018 FIFA World Cup caused much furore, given...
India Drugs

Breaking The Habit: Rehabilitating Drug Addicts in India

Written by Kartik Sundar The streets of Asawarpur in rural Haryana are few among many in North India which are afflicted with a growing drug...

The Great Indian Dream

Written by Shashank Mattoo In 1867, Dadabhai Naoroji coined the phrase “drain theory”. In the broadest sense, it referred to how colonists like the British...

Painted in Hypocrisy: Outrage Over the Yulin Dog Festival

Written by Shantanu Kishwar Disclaimer: This article contains explicit images that may not be suitable for all audiences. Viewer discretion is advised.The Yulin Dog Festival...


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