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Kabaddi outskirts to Pro Kabaddi League

Rising from the Dust: The Pro Kabaddi League is Here to Stay

Anup Kumar. Rahul Chaudhuri. Surender Nada. If these names ring a bell in your head, then you must be another viewer submerged under the...
Life in Plastic, Not Fantastic

Life In Plastic, Not Fantastic: Is there an answer to New Delhi’s woes?

Written by Stuti PachisiaDelhi’s ever-expanding population has dimmed the chances of ensuring a sustainable future for itself. As a city with over 22 million...

Looking Beyond Tokenism: Inspecting National Awards for Teachers

Structural deficiencies in India’s education system have resulted in lower academic standards and a generally dissatisfied teaching community. It is no surprise that Indian...

K(Hello) India! – Start of a New Sporting Era?

The ‘Khelo India’ Scheme, launched by Sports Minister Vijay Goel in 2017, aims to inculcate a culture of sports among the youth in rural areas of the country. By launching...

Menacing Saffron Hue in Maharashtra Board History Textbooks

Researched and written by Manas Dutt.  “It is a British problem, first of all because there is so much historical amnesia about what the empire...
Fading Indian National Congress Symbol on a Wall

Tracing the Steady Demise of the Congress: What Happened to India’s Grand Old Party?

Researched and written by Arjav Kulshreshtha. As a dominant political force, the Indian National Congress (INC) has had an unprecedented impact on the country, unlike...
Indian Super League and I-League

The Identity Crisis of League Football in India

India is on the cusp of a footballing explosion. The Indian Super League, now entering its fourth year, has continued to garner enormous investment....
The Kavoor Sewerage Treatment Plant is located in Mangalore, India. The facility treats wastewater before releasing it safely into a nearby river or to industrial parks where it is reused.

From Waste to Water: How Recycling Wastewater Kills Many Birds with One Stone

Humanity is at a point where indiscriminate use and pollution of water has reached a tipping point. Increasing water scarcity will not only limit...
Online Virtual Education

Taking the Classroom Online: E-Education for India

India’s education landscape is vast ─ close to 260 million students attend more than 1.5 million schools and around 30.5 million college students attend...

Jal, Jangal, Zameen: The Paradox in Mumbai

Written by Stuti PachisiaMumbai is a city of dichotomies: on one hand, it invites thousands of migrants to indulge in its rapid urbanization by virtue...


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